Posted on 13 Apr 2023

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Capacity to take the technical challenges in Objective C or Swift Programming, Xcode Programming, Cocoa2D, or any other functionality related to iPhone.Understanding the project requirement intuitively and providing proper time estimationAlways read for troubleshooting in all important projectsExperience in accessing data as JSON/XML using REST API.Candidate should have good knowledge of iPhone, iOS, iPad, C++, Objective C, iPhone SDK, and XCode.Ability to build complex iPhone & iPad standalone client applications & user interfaces, design & implementation.Strong OOPS concept, and knowledge of database and SDLC.Able to solve problems intuitively Flexible to technology and a quick learner.Good Communication must be.Key Skills Required: Objective C, Swift, JSON Parsing, XML, REST/SOAP API, C++, iPhone SDK, SQL Database.

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Job Requirements

Total Experience
1 - 3 Years
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Job Demands
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