Posted on 04 May 2023

Job Location

421, 4th Floor, Pramukh Tangent, Sargasan Cross Rd, Sargasan, Gandhinagar, GJ, 382421

Job Description

SOLAR INDUSTRIAL SALES EXECUTIVE·Develop marketing implementation strategies and carry out marketing initiatives to support rapid sales growth. Ready to Travel across India if required.·Lead creative efforts such as writing, designing, managing, and updating marketing collateral including producing articles, presentations, datasheets, press releases, newsletters, website, etc. and organize distribution of the same.·Perform research on the current benchmark trends and audience preferences.·Set specific objectives and report on ROI.Web Site for more reference- tromindustries.com9099911879

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  • Paid Vacation/Paid Time Off
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Job Requirements

Total Experience
1 - 3 Years
No Info provided by the Employer.
No Info provided by the Employer.
No Info provided by the Employer.
Job Demands
No Info provided by the Employer.

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