Womens day celebration at JollyHires

“Run Like HeR”, JollyHires Celebrating Women’s Day the Jolly Way!

8th March, a day when the world takes out some time to give a shout-out to women! Conferences are held to discuss their incredibleness; some get flowers and gifts and “Thank you!” notes, while others get featured in “Happy Women’s Day” Insta posts. And, then the day gets done and dusted, putting an end to thank you notes, posts, and conferences. But women, continue to be incredible; they keep scattering love, warmth, and gratitude around like flowers. They teach us to never shrink our dreams and what it is like to be a Boss!

So, we understand that one day is not enough to celebrate women, but it can be a start to something equally incredible like JollyHires’ “Run Like HeR Marathon.”

This women’s day, JollyHires made the decision to give ladies a gift that would last them for a lifetime rather than just a single day. The fun-filled networking event, “Run Like HeR Marathon” organized by Jolly Hires in Ahmedabad was open for all women from the HR domain.

HRs are quite literally the backbone of any company, from hiring, training, helping employees feel valued and safe, problem-solving to acting as messengers in times both good and bad, they do it all! (And, for all those who ask, “What do HR peeps really do?” Well, the joke’s on you!) The typical day of an HR professional is packed with meetings, emails, interviews, and frequently a lot of burnout too.

The current chaotic situation which led them constantly juggle between online and remote work, company adjustments, and hiring and layoffs has skyrocketed the pressure at work. And, in all this taking care of the company and employees before themselves, our HR ladies tend to let their health often take a backseat. So, this women’s day, the idea was simple, Jolly Hires decided to give all the HR women a real break, aka, a community meet-up cum marathon. Well, it’s even more interesting than it sounds!

The event saw the HR girls’ gang chatting, taking time to ask each other how they were doing, giggling, doing Zumba moves, running, showing their competitive side unapologetically, and taking that step towards putting their health forward.

It was all about networking, new friendships of endless growth, hours of gratitude, girl-fanning, and brave healthy beginnings. About twenty-two HRs came in to run the marathon which started at around 6:30 AM in the morning and was wrapped up by 9:00 AM. The entire place was bustling with energy, enthusiasm, and joy.

All the participants were pampered with Lakme Salon & Javed Habib’s Salon vouchers and the top three winners received certificates and prizes as well. CS Krishna Bhati, who was the special guest of the event, gave away prizes to the winners and participants. But not to forget, the JollyHires men who did an excellent job behind the scenes from arranging refreshments to making sure the event goes on smoothly so that the girls could just have fun.

It was truly a women’s day – A Day about women bonding and inspiring each other; a day for women choosing to take that step towards putting their health forward!

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Written by JollyHires Editors

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