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The Pipeline of Recruitment: 10 Steps Important for its Success

There are many challenges and processes that we come across in our daily lives and we deal with each of them strategically. But among them, one of the most important processes that need to be managed with the highest degree of strategic analysis is dealing with your recruitment process.

So, what all comes under the recruitment process? A recruitment process is a combination of all the steps that get you from the description to the stage you provide an offer letter. This includes the initial application, the screening, the personal interview, background, assessments and all the critical elements to making the right hire.

An effective recruitment process will ensure that you find and onboard the best suitable candidate for the jobs that you are looking to fill. A fine and well-tuned recruitment process center your focus on making the most of each step and hitting the bullseye i.e., recruit the top talent with greater ease.

The recruitment process that you implement in your organization, business or the H.R. department will be unique in many ways from that of other organizations. This depends on the size, the industry you operate within and any existing hiring processes in place.

However, one thing that is going to be consistent in all organizations is the objectives behind the creation of an effective recruitment process and the steps required to find and take top talent.

10 steps to keep in mind while going through the recruitment process:

1. Marketing your Recruitment:

Application of principles of marketing in the recruitment process, you will be able to reach and attract better candidates by generating awareness of your brand. By promoting your job advertisements in valuable channels, you are more likely to reach your potential candidate. These channels can include many platforms. But in this fast-growing digital era, advertising in channels like LinkedIn, JollyHires, Naukri.com, etc to reach talented candidates across large geographical areas.

Marketing your job offer also includes building informative, unique, and engaging career pages for your company. Make sure in making a job description that defines your requirements clearly and apt so that it does not create any miscommunication.

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2. Passive Contender Hunt:

Talent is not always looking for opportunities. Therefore, expanding your horizon by connecting with such candidates will increase the number of qualified and potential candidates but will also branch out your hiring focus for existing and future job posts.

3. Referrals:

A referral is an effective recruitment technique which allows you to tap into your existing employee network to source candidates faster while also developing retention and reducing employee turnover. Going through referrals recruitment also helps you to save in the recruitment expenditure and use the same for core activities.

4. Experience Matters:

You would not just like to market the idea to make candidates aware of your job opportunity. But you also want them to consider that opportunity and ultimately throw themselves into the ring. Active engagement is your propriety.

5. Recruitment with Team Acknowledgement:

The process of recruitment doesn’t halt with a single person. It requires buy-in and, especially, the participation of numerous different players in the business. Some of them include- Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Executive, Finance Manager, H.R., I.T., etc. It is vital to understand that there are vastly different motivations for each player in the business and their role in each step of the recruitment process. The candidate experience flourishes if there is proper coordination in the pipeline of the recruitment process.

6. In-Depth Evolution of the Candidates:

The choice between the good and mediocre candidates is quite easy. Whereas when the choice is to be done between strong and qualified candidates it certainly is not that comfortable. Now, this is a decent problem because this is a testament to your talent attraction methods. To solve this issue, keep in mind the following aspects-

  • Determine the base (criteria) or your hire beforehand (Job specific skill, soft skill, etc.)
  • Go through a properly structured interview and recruitment process.
  • Pose questions that are based on your requirements.
  • Ask related questions to all the candidates.

7. Track Down Your Applicants:

When you are thinking about how you will fill your open roles, you must look at the full picture of the candidate and then consider the limitations that you have. Using systems like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that help businesses take care of the recruitment process.

ATS is an unbelievably valuable tool for varied business segments and can be used by organizations of any scale. This will help you save time and money, adding to it, if also increases the efficiency in the recruitment process and make apt hiring decisions.

8. Compliance, Reporting and Security:

The data that you collect during the recruitment process is a gold mine given in your hand. This can last from candidate information to recruitment metrics. Analysis of this data, and keeping this gold mine safe, is essential to ensure the success of the recruitment process for your organization. This can be done by creating and studying accurate recruitment reports.

9. Automation and Ease of Recruitment:

Knowing what is available in the market and using it to your aid is a smart way of easing the recruitment process. Some tools available over the internet that can be of your use are as follows:

A. Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

These platforms are quickly becoming necessary for the modern hiring process. Spreadsheets and emails are no longer able to sustain the growing hiring needs. What is a good ATS:

  • Generate recruitment reports on various key metrics.
  • Provide ease and security in the migration of data.
  • Maintain available candidate database.
  • Improving the experience of the candidates.
  • Build and follow annual hiring plans.
  • Automate the administrative part of the recruitment process.

B. Candidate Screening Tool:

Assessment tools help you administer assessments conducted by you and track candidate answers. The major benefits of using this type of technology are:

  • The assessments will be well-crafted and evaluated- including lie scales that help you check the reliability and validity of the candidate’s answers.
  • The result will be well-structured and easy to read.
  • You will receive powerful reports with the right tools.

C. Video Interviewing Tools:

There exist 2 types of video interviews: Synchronous and Asynchronous.

  • Synchronous:

It includes meetings between hiring teams and candidates that happen over a tool like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meets, etc. This is usually done because the circumstances demand it. (Demand being: Different location, outbreak of a pandemic, etc.)

  • Asynchronous:

Under this technique, candidates record their answers to your interview questions on the video sending the recording back to you for further review. Some functioning platforms are Spark Hire, Jobma, etc. There is another application named JollyHires which allows the candidates to record introduction videos of themselves. This feature will help the recruiters to understand the candidate in a better way.

10. Support and Onboarding:

Shopping for H.R. tools in this vast market with numerous choices available is a project. An unfriendly interface, complex systems, and absence of essential features could end up adding to your workload, instead of making things easy. So, while purchasing a recruitment process keep in mind the tools that you require for your organization.

As we come to the far end of this article, recruitment is a never-ending process. Talent search is something that all look forward to in the markets. Having a fine and refined process of recruitment will make your job of hiring candidates easy and well-managed.

But you must also remember that the rapid changes and evolution in all sectors and departments are inevitable. The Department of recruitment is no exception. Therefore, being updated and the usage of the new application in this segment is more important as it tends to make your recruitment process much more effective.

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