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Power Pack Your Resume with Action Verbs!

So, it’s evident and a no-brainer that the majority of people use written/typed resumes to apply for jobs. It was a trend in its days, but with changing times, the older approaches need to change. It is so because, with technology evolving and developing, it needs evolving and developed people to govern it.

What can you do to put your best foot forward while making a first impression? More of a First virtual impression, cause your resume precedes your entire persona and you.

Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and imagine, would you be in for reading long, boring, and monotonous resumes while looking for a potential employee?

When you apply for a vacancy in a firm, pack your resume with super words that captivate your recruiters’ attention, compelling them to dignify your CV or Resume with their attention.

It’s said by the wise, “Words are like keys; if you choose them right, they can open any heart and shut any mouth.

We have some tips on the action-oriented words that demands to be on your resume.


It not only limits you to control people and situations; but also you being in control. Being cognizant of your environment and having control of actions, emotions, decisions, and so on and so forth is vital.

This word is essential when you’re applying for a senior position. A person in charge who is controlled and managed gives out befitting results. Adding ‘controlled‘ to your resume gives a positive impact that the candidate is mature enough to deal with trials and triumphs in a secured, managed, and controlled manner.

Eg: I controlled XYZ firm during the recession to stable grounds.


Developing times require people who choose to develop themselves routinely. The development comes from acquaintances, acquiring skill sets, and a lot of handy experiences. A developed person and a candidate opting to develop themself show that there is a zeal in them, that they are an asset to the firm. This word represents your credibility as a person who has bestowed to the growth of an organization. To develop is that not only you did do what was expected of you, but you went beyond these expectations and bettered yourself.

Do use this word if your contribution to the company has been commendable.

Eg: I contributed to developing the rates of sales growth by adopting new and old ways to market the product, giving importance to customer satisfaction, being open to constructive feedback, and also organizing meetings to train the team to its utmost potential from time to time.


Employers love to hear if their employees could take initiative, isn’t it? So, if you’re someone who has taken the first step or an extra mile that has borne good fruits, why not add that to your resume?

It could be bringing a new and creative idea, working on your own without any supervision bringing out applaudable results, initiating a new project that soared high, and things like that. Initiatives taken with good intentions are always worth mentioning and taking the risk for.

Eg: Initiated new approaches for the advancement of employee satisfaction by 30% in just a year. That resulted in the expansion of the team and the firm, and a rise in customer satisfaction as the employees were more determined to work.


Delivered speaks for itself. There is not much explanation to it than just saying that you provided where you worked. Use this word to highlight your achievement.

Eg: Delivered a 48% increase in the sales and marketing department by adopting better new ways to work.


Deductive skills are abilities that help you use reason and logic to come to conclusions, validate the information and make informed decisions about a situation.

Sometimes Less is More. If you have deducted some of the redundant unconscious routines of a firm and given new approaches that saved time, money, or effort, or for all three- it’s worth mentioning.

Eg: Deducted 2% of profit to invest in the stocks, and with the right knowledge, the firm earned more than what they invested.

These are a few of the many action verbs you could use that fit you perfectly to highlight the fact, that you’re an asset to the company.

Though, do you think that just writing these words down is enough? It’s still just letters on paper, right? So, how do you stand out among the other candidates?

Don’t know? We got you covered!

The answer to that is…


Yep, that’s what we’re talking about- Video Resume is the new way to apply for a job and secure by 89% as compared to written/typed resumes.

JollyHires brings you a feature wherein, you can apply for a job using your video resumes. Not to flex, but we’ll have you know that JollyHires Video Resume is kind of a big shot and a trend these days. With the use of super resume action verbs in your video resume, your stakes of selection are boosted high. Be that video resume maker who stands out with creativity highlighting all your good traits to score the maximum brownie points.

Pros of using a video resume instead:

– Time-saving.

– Communication skills can be examined.

– A face and personality is added- to your catalog of achievements and past endeavors.

– Easier to Review.

– It’s great if the job is an employee-to-customer job.

– Illustrates your creativity.

– Depicts your language skills.

– You can communicate more effectively on camera than on a paper.

– Since it’s new, it shows that you are willing to adapt to new and better changes.

– It’s unique and stands out.

– More personalized.

– The flow of the video is in your control so you can appear confident.

Here’s an entire list of the many pros of making a video resume. So, what are you waiting for? Will you be using video resumes, along with some super words to increase your chances of receiving an offer letter from your applied company?

If yes, download JollyHires app and start working to personify your resume with a pinch of You.

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