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Having Trouble Managing Your New Boss? Read On!

Managing the new boss can be tricky, but here’s the fun part, they are manageable if you manage them the correct way! That’s too much management in a sentence probably!

Your favourite boss is one of those hot-cold personalities that you become used to when you settle into a job. Can be annoying, can be entertaining, who knows! But it is undeniable that they care about their staff. As a competitive and mature person, you just have to adjust and form bonds with the new Manager; there is no other way to go through the difficult process of parting with a beloved Manager. And just to let you know, you’re not the only one having trouble adjusting; the new manager also needs to be aware of the status of the workers and familiarize themselves with the workplace culture. Just as in any relationship, all that is necessary is communication and understanding.

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One of the hot-cold combo people whom you adjust to when you settle at your workplace, your beloved boss! This authority is one of the most important character in your workplace. Can be troublesome, can be fun who knows! But one thing is for sure, they do look out for their employees. Parting with a loved Manager can be difficult and adjustment issues are sure to arise, but as a competitive and mature person, you just have to adjust and make bonds with the new one, there’s no other option for that. And remind you, you’re not the only one with adjustment problems, the new manager also has to look out for the status of the employees and understand the work culture built in there. All it takes is communication and comprehension, just like in any typical relationship.

Adjustment is the spice of life, so getting too attached to any of your authority might not be the right thing to do. An employee will always have different superiors as time changes, and vice versa, what is needed here is how flexible they are with adjusting to new people. That is what recruiters look for nowadays while interviewing. Also, the employees have more power if there is a shift in authority, they can observe and communicate with the new manager and start the process of building trust. Well, how does one gain the new manager’s trust? Keep reading to find out.

1. You Start the Communication

Communication is the key to solving the problem of the unknown. Sometimes people often hesitate to start a conversation with the Superior, as he is unknown to them. What they don’t realize is that it’s the same for him. Instead of him/her coming to you, it would be humble of you and strike up the first chord. You can start with simple likes and dislikes and then work your way through.

2. Reciprocate the Respect

Reciprocating feelings of warmth and friendliness will earn you brownie points in the trust-building process. Approach them first with an honorific, then start up a conversation by welcoming them to the workspace and telling them how excited you are to work alongside them. This way it makes them feel that they are becoming a part of the team. You also score a few brownie points in their mind, and this can go a long way especially when you seek referrals while changing jobs in your career. Also, most of the job search apps these days have the option of including referrals from your friends, ex-managers, mentors etc. The new next-gen JollyHires app also allows you to upload video referrals.

3. Careful with The Honorifics

Yes! It is important to address a new leader with an honorific at first! You have to ask for their permission if they would be fine with just their names being called. You can’t just assume that they would be fine with the label you put them on. Because some may like to be addressed by names and some may think that’s offendable. In such a pinch, read the room and only then go ahead.

4. Involve Them Within

As they are new to you, and you to them, make them feel inclusive of what’s happening around the team. And if they are unaware of the subject, let them know how thing process. But all that should be done politely and humbly of course. Being kind is another step toward progress!

5. Flexibility is a Must

Here’s the core element of having a new manager: it showcases your skills about how social you are and how fast you can adapt to the change. Flexibility is a skill set that many employers want their employees to have. So, when something new comes, take some time to observe, then proceed towards adaptability.

So those were some of the methods of how you can befriend your new boss without any hassles!

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