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7 Super Creative Ways To Enhance Your Job Search

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, but its also exciting. You are embarking on a new future, positioning yourself to write a fresh story on a clean slate as quoted by Adena Friedman.

“Job searching is like a Pinata, if you hit it hard enough, you will be rewarded”

At times, it can also be a tedious task and might require a lot of research, patience, and perseverance. But you have got all those treasures hidden within you. It just needs to be unleashed. You need to put on Sherlock’s personality to investigate and accomplish your job search mission. Don’t worry, we have got some super creative tactics to bring out the Sherlock within you! Ready to switch personalities and head on for a mission job search? So, all the job seekers out there, buckle up your shoes, fasten your seat belt and get ready to take off for this mission!

Here are those 7 super creative tactics to smooth your job-hunting ride!


Drill here does not mean you go for the toughest physical training but, any form of exercise for a certain period is crucial to generate creative ideas. Wondering why is it so? Let us help you out there. There is a direct connection between physical exercise and mental ability. Scientists have reported that the more the body stays in physical activity, the more it leads to creativity. Exercise can also be playing sports of your liking which will rejuvenate you and enhance your creativity.


Some of you might have heard about this technique and some might not. But, the meaning is quite simpler than the jargon! Yes, the Pomodoro technique means doing any challenging task for 25 minutes and then taking a break of 10 minutes. This should be done in a slot, such that it covers approx 2 hours of dedication for the specific job-related search. This strategy will work like a magic and will help you prevent frequent burnout!


Network, network, and more network as network build your net worth. Yes, ”Networking is the no. 1 unwritten rule of success in business.” LinkedIn and other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram have made networking easier than before. A job seeker can always follow and establish communication with the professionals in their domain to get continuous updates about their work. This will open new ways and will help to build new perspectives. Also, the learning that comes along is a fruitful gift. One should also follow professionals from other industries as who knows one might develop new interests and take no time to find their new passion!


If we talk about daily chores, reading is a must. Reading has many benefits. It is proven that reading daily for 30 minutes can calm your mind and help prevent various cognitive disorders. Not only this, you have a cherry on top. It helps to generate creative ideas, enhances knowledge, helps to rebuild focus, improves memory power, and much more! As it is rightly said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”. One can always read about different genres of their interests to develop keen engrossment in the subject of their domain.


Surprised? Having a Kit-Kat does not here literally mean having it, but it means always taking a break. A break from work can make a mind work like Sherlock’s. Well, you could also grab a Kit-Kat, munch it, and then continue searching for a job! Sounds good, right? Chocolates release dopamine in the body which boosts the mood instantly. And when you finally get into that mood of job hunting, you can always look up to JollyHires, which is a Next-Gen Job search App that ‘Smart-Connects’ both Candidates and Recruiters in fewer, quicker, and smarter steps. Made your task easy right?


A passion or a hobby is like resilience tablets. They help you to bounce back stronger and work on your goals. What if your passion or hobby started building money for you?! For an instance; selling something online or dealing in e-commerce etc. can fetch you a side income! You’ll be making money while you are sleeping! And isn’t that amazing!? Imagine you could travel to your dream destinations on earth, be it solo or with loved ones! Not only that, but you could also fulfill other dreams of yours or your loved ones too! So, what are you waiting for!? Take time for your passion and hobbies; you will be thankful later.


Always attend various events and webinars which you find intriguing. You never know, you might find what you are seeking. You might run into someone, who has a similar kind of interest, or you might find someone who is already at the stage where you want to be!

These were 7 super creative ways to enhance your job search. But, to use those ways in the right direction, you can always navigate onto JollyHires. It is user friendly and convenient Job hunt app that will lead you to your dream company. So, try, but don’t cry when there is JollyHires by your side!

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