6 Essential Advice for Employers

Mastering the Art of Hiring: 6 Essential Advice for Employers

“In technology, it’s about people. Getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.”

— Marissa Mayer

To recruit the best talent in your organization, your recruiters must showcase first that their company is the best for employees. Input in the best, to get the best output. As it all revolves around, we get what we give. So, are you ready to stand out from the competitors and be the lighthouse that draws the talented pool of potential candidates towards you?

Then, fasten your seat belt, buckle up your shoes, and get jolly to go on a ride of strategies to recruit premium quality employees in your company.

1. Build Your Employer’s Brand

Recruiting employees means selling yourself to a talented mass of candidates. But how can you sell yourself and captivate your candidates’ attention without marketing yourself? You cannot, right? For that, you need to build a strong brand containing your vision, mission, and apparent goals on which your potential employees can rely. You need to create a win-win situation for both the employers and employees and have a company USP [Unique Selling Point] that distinguishes you from other companies. Moreover, you need to market yourself on various platforms like social media, career sites, job boards, referrals, and events to reach your targeted candidates. Know your audience and work on how they perceive you as a brand and that will define you. Do your own S.W.O.T analysis and continue to build your brand.

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2. Make The Most of Niche Job Boards

Wanna remain in the limelight amongst an infinite number of job postings? Then get ready to hunt through JollyHires, a next-gen job search app to find valid gen-z candidates with its amazing features. Also, you can filter out candidates by using its advanced filters. And there is a cherry on the top! You know what? A video-resume – the ultimate tool to save your precious time that is spent in screening process. Want more? We also have a video-chat option. Indeed, it is a platform that smart-connects talents with opportunities in just a few clicks! So, know your target candidates and what type of skills and specialization they need to get hired in your company and post accordingly.

3. Meaningful Seller-Customer Meet

Wondering about the seller-customer meet? Let us clear up your confusion. You are a seller, and a candidate is your customer, where your culture works like a sales pitch for you. You get this golden opportunity to represent and market yourself while conducting interviews.

An interview is a period that is the first experience of a candidate with your company. And the first experience should always be made memorable. Make sure you create a friendly and welcoming environment for every candidate. Represent your culture in a way that aligns with your vision, mission, and goals. Create a diversified and positive work environment that builds up trust, collaboration, and communication. Make candidates feel worthy and considerate. And do not forget to involve peers in the interview process as they are experienced and can help to find the right fit.

4. The Ultimate Tool – social media

Where people cannot reach physically, social media does its work. An ultimate tool to notify candidates about job postings. Also, you can directly search for the resumes posted with the help of the required filters. Not only you can reach the target audience but also you can reach a large audience that may turn out to be your potential employees. You can showcase your work culture by posting funny and engaging videos online. This will create a positive impact on candidates’ minds, and they will be curious to find out more about your company. And fortunately, that video might be circulated to the one who is the best fit for the job posted by you. Isn’t that just amazing!? So, re-target and rebuild your brand.

5. Eye-Catching Job-Description

The job description works like an invitation to an engagement. If presented in an engaging and welcoming manner, then it attracts the right and qualitative mass to your company. Remember, the employees and a job have a relationship almost like an engagement. So, it becomes a company’s moral duty to create a home-like environment for the candidates. In that, writing a captivating job description plays a vital role in attracting talented masses to your company. Keep a simple and decent language. Include details about the vision, mission, and goals of the company. Highlight your work culture and values most engagingly. Mention the job title specifically. Describe the job role and the skills and specialization required for it. Specify the day-to-day tasks to be carried out, working hours, pay scale, incentives and holidays, core liabilities, etc.

6. Industry Meetups and Campus Recruitment

As it is rightly said that ‘Network builds your net worth’. Industry meetups are quite helpful to collaborate with professionals who are already at your dream position. Fortunately, you might end up finding the best fit for your job post from the groups or associations. It is the best way to bring the most passionate candidates into the limelight. Another way to find your best fit is through campus recruitment. Yes, the younger ones have the caliber and capability to learn new skills faster. So, this is another way to bring the creative and innovative mass to your company.

Phew… the ride of strategies is over. Hope that you had a Jolly ride. Still, if as job provider you are looking for something more, you can always check out JollyHires app, an all-in-one app designed for Gen-Z.

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