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Job Hunting Made Easy: Uncovering Local Jobs Near Me for A Successful Career

Landing to your dream job might be as far away as placing your phone inside your pocket. Awestruck? Let us clear up the foggy path for you. But for that, get ready, buckle up your shoes, and fasten your seat belt to take a quick jolly ride at JollyHires. The all-in-one next-gen app designed for Gen-Z people. What if we tell you that you could discover jobs on a map with just a single click? Or what if we say that you could be free from the fuss of drafting cover letters for every single application? Won’t you want to discover it further? You surely would like to, right?

So, get ready to set on a smooth sail to uncover local jobs near you for a successful career. Say..aye aye caption [ just for fun ]. Ok, now the ride begins here…make sure you continue your journey and enjoy it till the destination arrives…We won’t leave you star-crossed. So, chill…

1] 360-Degree Digital Profile

Resume-building is made a five-finger exercise here. Add your skills, certificates, endorsements, and social media ‘clickable’ links, and set your resume in motion through a 360-degree digital profile. What you get is a digital card that works as an identity for a potential candidate. You just need to tap the button to share it directly with the concerned recruiters. You can update and upgrade it anytime and anywhere. Also, it saves you from the fuss of drafting cover letters for every job application.

To top it all, we also provide you with the feature of adding your video introduction. This makes the screening process smooth. Also, you can video chat and simply chat with the recruiters of the company.

To add a cheery on the top, we also provide a feature to schedule and book a slot for your interview. You can track the screening process through tracker. What else do you need?

2] Discover Jobs on A Map

When map-based navigation is in-built into an app, it gets as easy as booking a cab online or getting your food delivered. It’s that easy! JollyHires makes discovering ‘jobs near you‘ on the go hassle-free with its special feature of locating a job through its advanced filters. It includes working days, joining date, Salary, Skills, etc. which makes it easier for the applicant to find and apply for their dream job. Also, you can search for a job by its title or company name. So, won’t you utilize your phone to add value to yourself when it just fits right in your pocket?

3] Jobs That Match Your Criteria

The sorting becomes easy-peasy when you can find a job that matches your criteria. So, after adding filters to your job search, match scorecard – The quickest way to view jobs that suit your profile. Higher the Score, greater is the compatibility with the Job Profile. With us, job-search becomes child’s play.

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4] Stay Updated on A Real-Time Basis

You have already filtered out jobs that match your criteria and applied for the same. What next? How would you know the updates and where can you get those follow-ups from the recruiters? We have a one-stop solution for that- A Jolly Tracker. Yes, a tracker that is built up with the options like saved jobs, wishlist, applied, screening, and a lot more to make you jolly prolly. You can keep track of all your job-related activities here itself!

5] One-To-One Connection

An existence of only a relation does not work out if it does not have a good connection. Yes, we help build connections between recruiters and potential candidates through the app itself. We provide a feature where you can follow companies and their holders. What if you connect to some professional who is already at the position where you dream to be? This will not only help you build a strong network but also help you pace towards your goals! Remember, ‘Network helps you build your net worth?’ So, network, network and build more networks until you build your net worth. We have served the platter to you. Now, it is your job to consume it!

6] Ready to Level Up?

Grabbing your dream job is not adequate in today’s competitive era. You need to re-add value to yourself and keep yourself updated to retain your worth. Remember, you are a brand and constantly need to update your strategies and market yourself so that you become a brand in the limelight. You might think that you are hung in the middle of searching for a new job or occupied with your current job and have to upskill yourself simultaneously. But, we have a smart cut to save and invest your time wisely.

From Tips on landing a Job to upgrading yourself to take that leap in your career to transform your goals into reality.

Your ride ends here. Indeed, ‘every end has a new beginning’. We hope that you had a jolly ride with us and wish that you start your new beginning with us.

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