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Submitting job applications or giving various interviews does not provide any confirmation of you getting converted into an employee from a potential candidate. So, what after that? Every candidate has butterflies of mingled emotions flying in their stomach regarding job conversion. So, should you wait for the response or take a follow-up? Take a follow-up, right? But how? Because some might hesitate to reach out for follow-up.

But, not to worry. We have 4 simple hacks that will help you craft your follow-up email decently and politely.

1] Make sure that you mention your full name, same email id, and phone number which you provided in your job application while reaching out to seek a response. This will take the receiver on a smooth ride of clarity while responding to your email.

2] Keep your language professional and decent.

3] Mention all the details regarding the job profile and location. Because proper inputs will give you the bonus of making a good impression! And believe us, you climbed a second step of your application process by following these steps which will increase your chances of conversion.

4] Use tools and apps to avoid grammatical and linguistic errors.

Seems everything right, right?! Yeah, but you have conquered halfway yet! Let us show you some tips and tricks through email examples.

1] In Context Of Application Submission

You want the result, but at the same time, you do not want to appear as a craver. So, give them space and a duration of 3-4 days to review and recall your application. Then after, you can ping a polite email. This will strike their mind and prompt them to respond about the same. Not only this, it will increase your chances to jump at a higher level in a queue of candidates. Read the draft below to get a clear idea.

Dear (manager/recruiter’s name),

Hope you are doing well. This is to know about the confirmation regarding the receipt of my application. I applied for the (Job Role) at (Company’s name, location) through JollyHires last week. I have not heard from you, so I thought to reach out and take a follow-up.

I believe that I am the best fit for this role as my skills and prior experience (if any) align well with this job. Also, my attitude to learning new things will help me to perform beyond par. I assure you that I will contribute my best if I get hired for this role.

Please let me know the needful.


Abc Applicant

[email protected]


2] In the Context Of a Phone Call Or A Video Interview

Was this your first interview via phone call or a video call? Worried about your performance and want to transform your personality for remote interviews?! Then you are at the right place. Yes! JollyHires is the right app for you. It blends a perfect platform for all the job seekers and job providers out there. There is no fuss about sending emails and drafting cover letters. Everything can be done on and through the app itself! Let us show you a sample draft:

Dear (manager/recruiter’s name),

Thank You for showing your interest in my profile as a potential candidate at (job title and location) and sparing your precious time to schedule a remote interview.

The insights into the company and its work culture are quite intriguing. I am excited to work with you and learn from the professionals. I assure you that I will contribute my best and will align with the common goals by creating a win-win situation for both of us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You.

Xyz Applicant

[email protected]


3] In Context of No Response

You might go through a roller-coaster ride of mingled emotions when you do not get a response for a long time. Why wait any further? Here is a decent example:

Dear (manager/recruiter’s name),

I applied for (job role) at (company’s name, location) last week. It has been a long while hearing from you. You mentioned that my skills and qualities align with the match you are looking for. I am hopeful regarding your consideration. If I get selected, then I assure you that I will follow your words and contribute my best.

Please let me know if you have any queries or in case of the needful, sir.

Thank You.

Sofia Applicant

[email protected]


4] In Context of Turning Down The Offer 

Sometimes, declining becomes so bewildering task when you have donuts in both hands. To elaborate, it becomes confusing and tough to choose between the best 2 options. However, you have to select either of them. The difficult task is to write a declining email to your recruiter and if you draft it politely then you never know that you have created a good impression in the recruiter’s mind. You made their task sorted. They would not hesitate to approach candidates alike you if required in the future. So, let us go through an example.

Dear (manager/recruiter’s name),

I am glad to get hired for (job role) at (company’s name, location), a reputed branding firm. I would be excited to work with you. However, I have decided to accept another company’s offer from the same industry. Believe me, this was not an easy job to select from the best 2 options. I had a great communication experience with you and other members of the firm.

Thank you again for this offer.

John Applicant

[email protected]


After an interview, you should send professional, concise emails as a follow-up. You could leave a good impression on the recruiters and have them remember you favorably.

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